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By hamiltonthisis (registered) - website | Posted December 09, 2010 at 08:26:49

I'm with you RTH on all the pedestrian initiatives that you put forward for Hamilton to consider, especially the walkability issues that come up recently and I appreciate the efforts. I have to say that adding a crosswalk on the west side of Dundurn to allow access to cross King, will save a couple of people, maybe a couple dozen, 5 mins each ways. Getting away from rush, rush, rush is part of the appeal of the non-car culture. so let's not add to the environmental woes by increasing the idle time of cars attempting to leave the city of Hamilton.

Slow down. It's 5 mins.

ps, that's a major strip mall, with many busy stores. Trucks load from the north of the mall, and seeing as they have been banned from Dundurn, turning left on King off Dundurn is the only option, and I wouldn't advise my family to traverse that.

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