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By Mr. Meister (anonymous) | Posted December 09, 2010 at 13:05:34

Germany was split in two after WWII. From 1949 till 1990 one side was under Soviet control and the other part under American, British and French control. Which side would you rather have lived in for those years? Pretty self explanatory. Both sides were almost identical in '49, not so much in '90, only 41 years later. The American (west) side was not perfect and lots of things were done wrong and injustices were suffered but is there really any kind of comparison? It is pretty easy to sit and attack the US and even our own country for their misdeeds but would you really rather live in the Soviet Union, or China or Cuba? They are quite willing to let you move there, their borders are very good at keeping people in and they are very easy to cross to get into the country.

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