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By Undustrial (registered) - website | Posted December 10, 2010 at 11:24:38

Smedly Butler, if what he says is true, was offered the position of American Military Dictator in a 1930s fascist coup attempt. Instead, he turned and snitched, and congress had an inquiry. My hero.

And what's with all this stuff about East Germany? Is a single person on here arguing that the Soviet Union was a nice, cheery, friendly place to live? No. Just that it doesn't give the Americans a blank cheque to do whatever they please.

The Cold War ended two decades ago. Russia never got a "Marshall plan", it was left to decay as a virtual mafia state. The Eastern European soviet republics were opened up to western low-waged labour (having been quite highly trained), and the Central Asian republics are now racked with war and extremism. America hasn't turned over a new leaf - their military funding is as high as ever, and their foreign ventures are just as dodgy. Communism, here, is simply a red herring, being used to distract from the very real motives and effects of these policies, just like "terrorism" or "drugs".

These fears are not limited to a few hippy peaceniks, they're being held by a very large chunk, if not a majority of this planet's people, and it's growing.

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