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By Really (anonymous) | Posted December 20, 2010 at 21:53:54

Echoes of Councillor Brad Clark, who, instead of actually helping the market vendors through the process, offered denied vendors the opportunity to set up shop in Stoney Creek....This was censured as a conflict of interest, btw..
IMHO, the question of development, whether in downtown Hamilton, Stoney Creek, or otherwise, is a secondary point in the actual procedural question of reinstating vendors who had been put through an applications process in order to present a thinly-veiled attempt to cover up poor planning, when they were guaranteed a spot in the renovated (not new) market. This is not a question of "what can vendors do for the city (or certain parts of it) but "what does the city need to do for its Farmers' Market vendors?" who it swept aside. I'm glad the city showed some sense in this decision.

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