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By TreyS (registered) | Posted December 20, 2010 at 22:52:16

Are you suggesting the beaches at West Harbour are pristine? They have to chain link fence the toxic swamps off. At least I can swim at Confederation and Beachview Park.

Look at a map. The winds blow from West to East. That's what I'm saying in the piece. A stadium that opens onto the lake and has the higher tiers on the windward (west side) side actually can divert (as much as we can) smelly air. For gawdsakes as if you don't smell pollution at Ivor Wynne or won't at West Harbour. Drive into Hamilton on a smoggy summer day from Highway 6 south, and you see an actual brown 'dome' over the city -- it's everywhere. You'll also see that 'brown dome' over any city, from Baltimore to Chongqing, sorry that's life in a city. There is however a few nice islands you might like to move to, Pelee and Manitoulin if you don't like living in a city.

Look, if it's all about 'greenspace'. Conferation Park is hardly greenspace. It's surrounded by two major hiways, the most dense heavy industrial area in the country and is used for waterslides, batting cages, go-carting (every breathed the air near a go-cart track?).

Go to WH or Gage Park if you want greenspace. But as Confederation Park is right now.... it is not 'greenspace'. It's a hiway median.

GO Transit, HSR, Pedestrian link bridge from Eastgate Square LRT hub, onsite parking and Ticat shuttle busses like we already use. And if a breakwater is built an day-use boat dock, am I missing another form of transportation.? Like an airport or helipad. We could accommodate a Lee Chin helipad on the roof, then maybe it would be called the AIC Stadium.

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