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By SpaceMonkey (registered) | Posted December 20, 2010 at 23:44:20


I couldn't find anyone trying to suggest that the West Harbour is pristine. Hammer was making a case against Confederation Park. You seem to confuse making a case against one thing with making a case for another thing.

Look at a map. The winds blow from West to East. That's what I'm saying in the piece. A stadium that opens onto the lake and has the higher tiers on the windward (west side) side actually can divert (as much as we can) smelly air.

Your reasoning and research reads like a shameful grade 8 Science Fair project.

The winds do not always blow from West to East. Yes, the prevailing wind direction in this area is SW to NE, but read what I said carefully. To make it more clear for you... The two most common wind directions here are SW (most common) and NE/NW (second most common). The most common time of the year for the wind to come out of the NE and NW is during the fall. Got it? The prevailing wind direction off of Lake Ontario in the winter is NW.

You'd think if someone was going to write an article, they would do some research.

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