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By TreyS (registered) | Posted December 21, 2010 at 00:38:38

Look SpaceMonkey, if you want, write your own article and have it picked apart piece by piece, by all means please do so. You conveniently chose the points of the article that you can argue. You chose to ignore certain other points made. That is apparent to everyone that reads this thread. I've made my points, and they will be read by thousands of people. I appreciate your input, but I haven't read anything that changes anything.

This is why Hamilton is where it is with regards to this issue.

The reason why RTH was created was to offer a variety of opinions, sorry if this opinion doesn't jive with yours.

There will always be pros and cons with every issue. We couldn't get passed them with Fred, so we hired a moderator. The moderator provided some compromised solutions. Then Fred chose to ignore them. How is that fair compromising? Why did we bother paying him?

There is just no compromising with people that only can only see with blinders, so for that reason, I've made my points. You can continue to pick them apart. I'll wait for your article. peace.

Comment edited by TreyS on 2010-12-20 23:39:13

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