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By TreyS (registered) | Posted December 21, 2010 at 00:54:44

This is my last time saying this. We are in the "westerlies", the wind will come from behind the stadium if the stadium opens-up towards the Lake. It's an advantage. Also the reason why if you look at most industrial cities in the northeast of North America, the east end is the poorest. Montreal, Toronto, Cleveland, Chicago, because they deliberately built their industry east of the city for the wind to blow the pollution away. Same goes for Hamilton. However the Lakefront in Hamilton's south western beachfront is a good location that the pollution actually flows into the middle of Lake.

Why are we debating one single point I made? It's done. The wind direction benefits Confederation Park. The end.

No but some posts pointed out something about 'black flags' on Lake Ontario. West Harbour is a wetland. I don't expect it to be awash in fresh water, ergo it's a swamp, with geese poop everywhere and algae and other stuff. It's always closed to swimming except in March April. Lake Ontario is a safer bet. Besides, who said, swimming in the adjacent water is necessary? It is just a pro for ConFed Park, something that doesn't favour WH. Confed has a natural beach. Look blame God, I didn't create the beach and prevailing winds, it just is.

Wind direction done.

Water pollution done.

Beach done.


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