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By JM (registered) | Posted December 21, 2010 at 11:00:30

Don't everyone bash Trey here... Although i don't support all of his points, as with the WH there are Pros and Cons for each and every one of the proposed stadium sites. The problem is, we're dreaming of one with NO cons.... and that will satisfy 100% of the population.

What i find might satisfy everyone more is to scrap this idea completely now.... continue experiencing the History of IWS, and spend the extra money on the Velodrome which could bring far more benefits, and people beyond the "regional" boundaries of the City. This velodrome could be in the North American Spotlight, and something Toronto could definitely be jealous they won't have - no one outside of Hamilton (especially in Oakville) cares about where the damn stadium is, and who plays there! (I'm a Ticat fan... but its true!)

Can we move on now? Let Mississauga or Markham have their 5,000 seat stadium for Pan Am. We already have one at Mac, and a perfectly good and historically significant 30,000 seat stadium (which people seem to forget holds MORE people than what were asking for?! i still don't get it.....)


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