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By SpaceMonkey (registered) | Posted December 21, 2010 at 11:32:05

Trey, I'm not bashing on you here... I'm honestly wondering if you carefully read the comments that you respond to or if you breeze quickly through them. I wonder this because...

  1. As mentioned above, after explaining the wind thing twice, you still didn't get what I was saying. Admittedly, this could be my fault for not explaining things clearly enough. If so, I apologize.

  2. No but some posts pointed out something about 'black flags' on Lake Ontario.

No one mentioned black flags. I mentioned the black flakes in the water. That, by the way, had nothing to do with the stadium debate. I was just always curious about what they were and was happy to have been provided with an answer.

  1. > Besides, who said, swimming in the adjacent water is necessary?

No one said that being able to swim adjacent to the stadium is necessary. Where the heck did that come from?

So those are my reasons for wondering how carefully you're reading the things you're responding to.

One last point you made...

Confed has a natural beach

That's a good thing right? Your plan abolishes the natural beach... forever. Think about that... forever.

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