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By james north (anonymous) | Posted December 22, 2010 at 06:06:59

to be fair, heading south on james approaching wilson/york is a busy intersection with lots of pedestrians crossing york. even before the two way conversion it was easy to back james up if one lane was taken out by a "delivery" and the other was a left turn onto wilson with pedestrians crossing on the east.

i assume the logic of restricting right turns west bound onto york from south bound james street is that it works better for everyone if you simply turn right on vine and left on macnab then right onto york. there is nothing between james and macnab on wilson that you can't get to other than the tiny municipal parking lot that was given over to councillors while city hall was city mall anyway.

it might seem like a pain in the ass to make a little detour, but really if it means less pressure on pedestrians crossing the street that should be a good thing, no?

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