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By Policy Guy (anonymous) | Posted December 22, 2010 at 10:53:15

Building the stadium at Confederation Park is a non-starter and a poor example of public policy - it would only serve a private interest, create exclusive rather than inclusive public policy, would not contribute to city economic development, permanently destroy a green space and symbol of the public interest, take access to our own lake side waterfront away from us, and do these things with our money as opposed to theirs.

From the standpoints of recreation, exercise (and the health benefits thereof), relaxation, and socialization, Confederation Park was created as inclusive public policy that benefits all who use it. As a Tiger-Cats season ticket holder, I would like to see a stadium compromise that works for eveyone, but from a standpoint of inclusive public policy where we would all ultimately benefit, building a stadium at Confederation park is the wrong choice.

Let's either reno Ivor Wynne, or put a fork in the whole idea and find better uses for the future fund money. It does not belong to Bob Young. It belongs to us, and we have more pressing concerns than building a stadium, never mind going out of our way to cave in give a private sector interest absolutely everything they want. Oh yeah, Hamilton's history of having that approach to public policy is one of the factors that contributed how we got all those lovely brownfields in the first place.

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