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By bigbri54 (registered) | Posted February 12, 2007 at 20:07:09

I could never understand why we couldn't get our heads around the notion of punching a hole several metres beneath Hamilton Cemetary, to give the north-end brownfields a direct link to Highway 403, via an unused CN Rail right of way. A consultant floated that option many years back. It was very do-able. But I seem to recall some people considering it macabre that we'd put a road under a cemetary. I would suggest some of the long-term residents in that cemetary might think it macabre that we contemplate chewing up more farmland (however substandard some of that farmland may be). Have you driven down the Queen E. lately, though Burlington and Oakville, on through Mississauga? It's butt ugly - and I think that's objective. Take Highway 407 to Oakville one day and you'll get a sense of what it was like not so long ago. I don't doubt that Highway 407 might one day will become another endless strip of tacky industrial parks and parking lots. It would seem that's what you're going to get up Highway 6 to Mount Hope, or across that farmland to Highway 403. Nicholas hit the nail on the head: "This story shows the problem with much of Hamilton's long-range planning: a lack of imagination, ambition and creative problem solving." Sadly, that's old news.

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