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By TreyS (registered) | Posted December 23, 2010 at 17:28:31

I want to comment on the fact that someone mentioned "parking" revenue. As the only source of income that the Cats are interested in with a new stadium.

There are plenty of revenue streams that IVW stadium is not providing, other than parking.

  1. Box seats
  2. Food and Beverage (a variety of sit down and full service). Currently we stand in line for a beer and hot dog in a concrete tunnel. I think they have nachos on the menu as well.
  3. Merchandise. A new stadium or logo it is well-known in sports marketing that merch sales increase for 2-3 years afterwards.
  4. Parking. just like everyone else does. Are the Cats evil for wanting that too?
  5. Premium Seating. our "premium" seating is not.
  6. Regionally accessible location -- increase the catchment of fan base, increase the gate. Also increases ad sales.
  7. Naming rights

All this is missing from the current stadium. So yes it may be true that even with a sell-out season, the Cats will still lose million$ because the current stadium can't provide a full spectrum of available revenue. Even with $20mil in renovations, there is no way IVW will deliver what modern stadiums do to pro-sports.

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