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By scramble (anonymous) | Posted December 24, 2010 at 12:00:13

I've been scrambling (that is to cross the intersection on a diagonal) York Blvd since it has repopened. There is little traffic along York during non rush hour times, and when the East-West lights are red, there is rarely a vehicle traveling north or south on McNab, so I scramble (in a leisurely manner of course).

A couple people have looked at me weird. A couple people have even followed suit! Most don't care to notice.

My suggestion is that we ALL start to scramble at that intersection, being as safe as possible of course! Once the trend catches on, everyone will be doing it. When dozens of people start to cross on a diagonal from the Market entrance to the Parkade entrance, especially on a busy saturday morning, it will be impossible for Mr Solomon and the Hamilton Traffic Engineering Dept to ignore!

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