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By mike_sak (registered) | Posted December 25, 2010 at 00:25:32

I find this funny this Christmas season, I joked with my family how everyone has embraced/avoided technology.

You have my one grandma, who is a very social individual, but refuses to use computers. she insists on paying all her bills, banking, shopping through the 'old' way, as this is her way to interact with people. I applaud her, since she still manages to keep up with the rest of us.

mind you, than you have my dad's mom, who is of Eastern European origin, and has embraced technology. as a means to connect with her brother and cousins who live in Lithuania. It has opened a new world up to my grandma. She now skypes with her long lost brother and relatives in lithuania(an east bloc country that quickly adapted to our western ways) where she can check the local news, and skype with her family. she stayed in contact with my brother who was travelling europe this fall practically every day through her personal facebook profile. it's incredible to see how my 80 year old grandma can work around the computer.

Than you have my little cousins, who play their DS's at the dinner table or check their blackberries at christmas eve mass. I cringe to think that this has become acceptable behavior.

while technology can be a way of reconnecting with relatives and friends, we need to keep each other in check when it comes to our cellphones and other wireless devices. if someone's blackberry becomes a distraction, i say, address the problem, and ask them to put it away. especially this time of year, we need to enjoy the time we have with each other.

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