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By Tartan Triton (anonymous) | Posted December 27, 2010 at 21:38:50

From Mayor Rick Goldring's Inaugural Address, December 1, 2010:

"So, what has to happen for Council to believe it has been successful four years from now?

1. Trust has to be re-established in our community.
* Council is committed to dramatically improving the relationship between itself and citizens. I believe that over this term, many if not all of the recommendations of the Shape Burlington Report will be addressed and implemented in some form. Individual Councillors are looking at alternatives to connect with citizens of the wards they represent. I support this. Trying different things and learning from each other will help us find new and better ways to work with citizens.
* Council is committed to working more closely with citizens and will start with the Strategic Plan for this term of council with particular emphasis on identifying through consultation the desired outcomes and priorities of the community.
* At the Regional level, a Citizens Panel has been approved as part of the Regional Strategic Plan Process and we will consider this as a tool for the Burlington Strategic Plan.
Part of regaining Trust with the community will also include more transparency and improved access to information.


#3. We must focus, prioritize and live within our means.

* Various members of Council have spoken about improved measurement, accountability, saying no to certain initiatives and getting value for money. Council must be more focused, must set more specific priorities and deliver recognized value for money.
Stephen Covey, Author and Speaker said:
"The key is not to prioritize what is on the schedule, but to schedule your priorities."
* We have to start acting this way. There is general agreement with Council members that we cannot continue to increase taxes at the rate of increase experienced last term. I have proposed a cap of 10% over the term. I believe that Council will support initiatives that will result in achieving this objective.
* Much of Council is in agreement that we need to better focus and prioritize to achieve this. Council has to practice what it preaches and work more cohesively to resolve issues and come up with solutions that work."

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