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By get real (anonymous) | Posted February 13, 2007 at 14:15:31

Oh give it up! This is nothing more than NDP bashing (which by the way is not needed since far too many never take them seriously anyway). Trying to blame a party not in power for problems arising from those who are in power is rediculous. I would also add seniors are far less affected by the income trust change as measures have been put in place. The only truly affected are rich whiners who have lost one of their gouging opportunities to make themselves even richer.

This issue is not about Layton, so why is he being used as a scapegoat? You should actually try voting the guy in before ripping him apart for legislation he did not produce.

Layton and the NDP are no worse than any of the other parties and actually have less a track record. But if you cannot stand them, vote Green or some other party. But quit whining about a party and a leader when they have not even been in power to make change especially since the majoiry of you voted either Liberal or Conservative so often that we find ourselves in the mess we are in today.

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