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By Ted Mitchell (registered) | Posted February 13, 2007 at 16:39:18

If education is the only tool available for reducing idling, it will have minimal effect.

Better are laws prohibiting it, but this will only motivate those who need a small nudge to comply.

Best is a societal push for person-to-person feedback on not idling. People really respond to shame, especially the SUV crowd who have purchased vehicles for nothing other than their curb appeal. Everywhere we see advice to do the opposite - don't encourage road rage for example - well, then the cluster* can continue rationalizing their harmful behaviour.

Also necessary is some limitation on just how much the business world can crap on the environment with impunity. e.g. Why are remote car starters legal? Why is anything that will make a buck somehow glorified as having a uniformly positive impact?

TO have Hamilton saying "please don't idle, it pollutes" while letting any shmuck buy a remote car starter at the local canadian tire, well, try harder next time.

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