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By jason (registered) | Posted December 29, 2010 at 09:43:41

It's a longer walk from the GO Station to the stadium site than it is to walk from York Blvd/403 ramp to Barton and Caroline. Nobody, I mean, NOBOOOOOODY is going to make that walk. Ever been to a hockey game in Kanata?? Get ready for legendary traffic jams here, only worse because the stadium is bigger than a hockey arena and the 403 is a busier highway.
Like I said, 10 years from now people will be screaming bloody murder about the 403 mess this thing creates.

You'll all notice in today's article that Palaetta (sp?) talks about the need for future expansion and hopes that Burlington residents wouldn't be on the hook for that. LOL Who's going to pay for it then? It sounds like the smaller 22,000 stadium is a way for them to get it built and then they'll go cap in hand to Halton taxpayers to pony up for expansion of Hamilton's stadium.

By the way, another option that isn't getting much play is that Hamilton could still request a 6,000 seat soccer stadium at the WH and we can built it with future expansion in mind in case a CFL team or soccer team from a larger league (MLS) comes to set up shop.
We are still in the drivers seat and I hope council will think about what our city may need in terms of new stadiums in the years to come, and not just the Cats.

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