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By Nords (anonymous) | Posted December 29, 2010 at 13:32:08

Yeah, something is real fishy with these numbers. HostCo was only funding 56% (through 1/2 feds and 1/2 province) of the capital for the 15,000 seat stadium at West Harbour with the other 44% coming from Hamilton. A 15,000 seat stadium has a capital cost of about $100M. Therefore, Burlington would have to foot a $44M bill just for the 15,000 seat stadium. If there is a 22,000 seat stadium, maybe, and I stress maybe, the extra $30M from Paletta would cover the increase in seats to 22,000 (but I doubt $30M covers much in the way of luxury boxes). Who knows how much extra money would be needed for road and sewer infrastructure improvements. So Burlington (maybe with some Halton funding) would at least need to come up with $44M plus infrastructure money. Maybe with naming rights or parking revenue/ticket surcharge they could come up with another $10M but not $44M!!!!! If the feds and the province then start kicking in more money that would be a huge injustice to Hamilton. With the feds not paying for Quebec's new arena or Winnipeg's stadium, I can't see them kicking in much. Dalton can't afford to screw Hamilton too much with an election coming up either or whatever chances he had for seats will all go NDP.

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