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By Wentworthst (anonymous) | Posted December 29, 2010 at 14:25:44

"Aldershot Go Station seems to exist solely to flip the bird to Hamiltonians with a "You take the bus from here, Hamiltonian scum"

I so agree. Whether it was a daily 10+ min bus diversion for no riders on/off, or having to go out to Burlington with my kids just to try a GO Train to Niagara Falls last summer...Toronto, maybe, but Niagara?! Absurd, when we have nothing but excess rail lying around this bay. Transit-ghettoized by the province for decades.

I smile when people say Aldershot is a problem by road and transit. Aldershot is the most well-serviced middle-of-freakin-nowhere I've ever seen. Freq. local buses, regular commuter trains and nothing but parking-potential, meanwhile almost anyone using the spot likely feels put-out diverting to nowhere in the 1st place.

It's safe to assume new roads/access to service the property, its too early to guess layout on that size dev and trust me on at least this count-- transit won't be a problem! We have been mindlessly & painfully tending that spot for years...

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