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By btown (anonymous) | Posted December 30, 2010 at 01:34:37

First of all, I'm 27 years old and I've lived in Aldershot for my entire life and I can tell you that as much as we love our quaint community, we hate when people think we're part of Hamilton and not Burlington. We pay taxes in Burlington, vote in Burlington, we are Burlingtonians, NOT Hamiltonians. Aldershot might be a quiet community but it's a tough community and we all stand by the fact that our identity is related solely to the city of Burlington, (although, Aldershot is far better than the rest of Btown). My only issue with the ti-cats moving to Burlington is that unfortunately the Aldershot area is full of a lot of old people and growing, as a matter of fact if you drive down Plains Rd you'll see 5 different retirement homes being built right now, to go along with the four other homes you'll find along the road. We in Aldershot call it death row. How does the city of Burlington plan on putting a great sporting complex and all the bars and infrastructure that come with the stadium, in a part of the city that seems to be exclusively for old cranky seniors. The city quickly needs to change the development of Aldershot from a place to go and die to an up and coming community.

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