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By HamiltonFan (registered) | Posted December 30, 2010 at 10:48:53

Yes jason, I'm happy with Aldershot also and while I did at one time pine for Confederation Park, I'm not so keen on that now as you say with the FF money allocation for that spot. I know Moncton is waiting to see what happens and losing the TigerCats to Moncton is not something I wish to see happen. Below is something I was just reading from the Times and Transcript from Moncton:

"The Canadian Football League (CFL) dream in Moncton is alive and well with renewed speculation about possibly getting a team for Atlantic Canada based in our city now that the Hamilton Tiger Cats organization has failed to reach an agreement with its home city for a new stadium.

Moncton needs to be prepared and ready to carry the ball to obtain a team if the opportunity arises, whether it be a move of the Ti-Cats to the Maritimes or the chance to establish a brand new team, both of which are entirely within the realm of the possible in coming years.

Diplomacy and realism, however, must be maintained. The Tiger Cats may well prefer to remain in southern Ontario, with Burlington apparently a leading contender if the team's owners can make suitable arrangements. And that is fair enough, the team having its roots and loyal fan base in that part of the country. Moncton doesn't need to go out and 'poach' another area's team, although it should be open to welcoming the team if it shows interest in heading this way. As well, our city must approach the whole idea of a CFL team with realism as well as optimism and being prepared to grasp the opportunity when it arises. Any deal must be well negotiated and workable for the city as well as the owners." ...

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