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By MattM (registered) | Posted December 30, 2010 at 10:49:40

Marianne Meed Ward what is her problem? The land is already zoned recreational/arena. It is private land so no cost to Burlington, I really do not know where the $100 milion is coming from but if it is coming from Hostco again no cost to Burlington, Paletta investing not only the land but $30 million, $10 million shortfall could be covered by Young or whoever gets the naming rights and as for running the operation I believe the Cats will do that the same as they offered in Hamilton. So far all I see is no extra costs at all to the Burlington taxpayer if the $100 million is an accurate figure. A good politician looks at all the facts before shooting off their bottom lip and it is obvious this woman has no idea. We should all wait to see what the plan is, these people have been in discussions for months so I am sure they have a plan too present to Burlington council that will answer all their questions.

You have to be pretty ignorant to actually believe that this stadium isn't going to cost the city of Burlington a single penny. There is no way in hell that the entire cost of the project will be held by private investors, the ti-cats and other levels of government. Driveway to driveway experience or not, Burlington is going to be expected to foot a large part of the bill, much like Hamilton has been.

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