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By realfreeenterpriser (registered) | Posted December 30, 2010 at 11:43:11

Coming in tomorrow's Spectator:


Burlington residents will wake to a 2011 full of good news thanks to the Tiger-Cats/Paletta decision to build a new stadium on King Road between the 403 and the CN. In keeping with their longstanding tradition of portraying nothing for something as something for nothing, both Tiger-Cats owner Bob Young and Paletta International executive Angelo Paletta extolled the virtues of a shiny new free stadium. When reached for comment Young said "my family has exploited hard-working Hamiltonians for decades. Whether it was working them to the bone in a cotton mill or just using their taxes to subsidize my hobby, where would Hamilton be without us?" In his typical "aw shucks" manner, the Caretaker said "Aldershot provides us with an opportunity to take our life's work regional". Paletta was unavailable at press time and was said to be scurrying around the Halton Land Registry Office hurriedly donating land to all and sundry as is his habit and in the same manner as he will be "donating" the land on King Road.

In a related story, Tiger-Cats President Scott Mitchell revealed the results of an economic study of the proposed King Road location. "when we add it all up, the new stadium should generate enough economic activity to wipe out the national debt, provide Burlington taxpayers with an annual $3,000.00 rebate and create enough jobs that everyone in Burlington will have two of them".

Newly-elected Burlington Mayor Rick Goldring said "Hamilton taxpayers basically told Bob Young to take a long walk on a short pier. Well, Burlington's got just the facility to do that."

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