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By mystoneycreek (registered) - website | Posted December 30, 2010 at 15:16:03

And another plus for the CFL is it could be the perfect opportunity to rid itself of the word 'Hamilton' which basically has a negative implication to many Canadians I've met over the years.

Uh... Yeah.

Because a name-change is a great way to effect a sincere mindset-change in observers, right? As opposed to earning a shift in perception on the part of those people by, oh, I don't know, effecting substantive change in the subject itself?

I'm sorry if my glibness-

Actually, no; I'm not going to apologize. The truth is that people here -and elsewhere- have allotted value to 'what outsiders (supposedly) think'. And it mystifies me. Because nobody actually cares. Nobody outside the immediate vicinity cares. They're actually too busy with their heads down, living their lives.

People in BC don't actively care about anything going on in New Brunswick. People in PEI don't actively care about what's going on in Saskatchewan. People in St. John's don't actively care about what's going on in Rimouski. And people in Thunder Bay don't actively care about what's going on in Hamilton.

One of my personal credos is 'What anyone thinks of me is none of my business.'

Why would anyone who feels secure in who they are care about how anyone else feels about them?


I get it. Hamiltonians don't feel secure about who they are, so they're susceptible to the (supposed) opinions of others. Of outsiders.

Well, then. We need to start doing something about that, huh? Individually and collectively?

(Yeah, I did get the sarcasm, the joke. It wasn't lost on me.)

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