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By Wentworthst (anonymous) | Posted December 30, 2010 at 15:26:46

Really... Burlington will have to pay to service it with increased Transit..? The service is there and wasted-- actual demand is mass transit that does pay for itself.

And it's hardly a National Park... Its no different form any parcel off every 4XX highway in the province.

Really-- are we going to say no development anywhere for anything ever because Ontario is running out of natural flatlands? It's off the highway and already zoned for a big arena and office buildings.

And now it's suddenly a protected environmental treasure..? The Paletta dev would have been held up long ago if any of that was true.

We shouldn't promote lies; of course there are trees and birds and bugs... That's 97% of Ontario! This is stuff is all hater's grasping at BS.

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