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By Wentworthst (anonymous) | Posted December 30, 2010 at 17:54:12

I can't believe stuff I'm reading posted online... As an alternative, please pass-on:


This will keep the real news all in one place and RSS feed. I will add contact info tonight for all the councillors involved. Any help, ideas or tips would be very appreciated: email onlyshot(at)

I think we need to save the Pan-Am stadium and games, the massive investment, the jobs, and yes, even the Ti-Cats and some regional pride! Or...

- We will never see any stadium this side of Mississauga,
- Hamilton-Burlington will lose $100 million in regional investment and WORK,
- Watch the Tiger Cats negotiate with down-east or worse, Quebec City,
- Feel that dig, when we hear the word "Pan-Am" for many, many years...

Please pull together on this... And I ask having lived more years in Burlington than Hamilton this last decade... Municipal property lines aren't important here-- We all need and can still have all these jobs.

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