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By KS (anonymous) | Posted December 30, 2010 at 19:57:47

As a fan of the Ti-Cats, it would be terrible if Hamilton City Council blew the opportunity to make the deal to save the team. So far, the city has handled the issue like a bunch of stubborn amateurs obsessed with social engineering instead of market realities, and the team itself is no better: they've also played deceptively with their sky-is-falling front-page antics. Hamilton has plenty of sites, plenty of negotiation options, and likely enough money. If they'd get rid of petulant behaviour and pigheadedness, they could find a workable solution.

On the other hand, as a resident of Aldershot, in NO WAY do I want to see this stadium in Burlington, with its attendant traffic, dubious economic benefits, and serious hit (downplayed, as usual) to the taxpaying pocketbook. Nor do I wish a white elephant if the team moves: this is not NHL, or NBA, or NFL.... this is a CFL whose teams are notorious for barely breaking even and/or skirting bankruptcy, so it certainly will not be a cash cow for Burlington regardless of what the official spin doctors say. This provides all the more reason for Hamilton Council to be more reasonable in selecting a Hamilton site.

And what does Burlington do if -- as some die-hard fans threaten here -- people simply refuse to attend games because they are offended by the disloyalty of the TiCats setting up shop in Aldershot? Are they supposed to just suck it up, and crank property taxes higher than the 28% they have already been raised in the past 4 years?

What works best for everyone is HAMILTON.

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