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By jason (registered) | Posted December 30, 2010 at 21:35:16

KS, you are bang on. I live in Hamilton. That's why I hope the stadium goes to Aldershot.

George - I agree 100%! I think we need to email council to remind them that they have the right to make that choice. Ivor Wynne was built as a small stadium and then expanded years later before the Cats came over from HAAA.

I realize that we risk losing the Cats from the Hamilton region altogether with Option #2, but hey, if they don't want $100 million in free money here because they can get more elsewhere, more power to them. There is always the hope that a new owner will love the WH and all will be fine.

Captain Kirk, too late. Permanent damage has been done to the brand, LARGELY in the under 40 demographic. The demographic that they might actually want to pretend exists in the next 20 years. They might as well move out of town because their fanbase is slowly going to die off and the younger crowd doesn't really see the cool factor in sitting on the 403 for 90 minutes while waiting to exit Waterdown Rd.

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