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By HamiltonFan (registered) | Posted December 30, 2010 at 22:23:08

Just a few thoughts, no particular order:

  1. WH is dead as a site for a stadium that a BY owned team would play at.

  2. An Aldershot stadium/complex will not be a white elephant at all, it will be a total success and this has nothing to do with if there is a buzz now or lack of buzz or if the current under 40 demographic doesn't think it's cool.

  3. I am a TigerCat fan for life, regardless where the team plays including Moncton or whether the team will sit in hibernation for some years as the Ottawa Renegades have been.

  4. The Rheem site and adjacent brownfield can be cleaned up with FF money and a stadium is not required at that site to accomplish this goal.

  5. IWS will be torn down in a few years or perhaps sooner regardless if Sam Merullla thinks that is the only place the TigerCats should play out of.

  6. Moncton will be an outstanding success for a CFL team, TigerCats or expansion franchise. The area will have a spirit like Saskatchewan even if it is a smaller demographic compared with southern Ontario. It will draw fans from all over the east coast. It will be a meeting place. Southern Ontario doesn't have that spirit of togetherness or cooperation although I must admit I really liked the fact that the mayors of Hamilton and Burlington were shown publicly together discussing this issue and other issues.

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