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By mark (registered) | Posted May 31, 2006 at 16:28:30

LIUNA has never offered up a renovation plan. They only want to demolish and rebuild with a similar look. That's not to say an economical renovation is not possible. Here's an exerpt from the May 31 edition of the Spectator quoting Eberhard Zeidler, one of Canada's most renowned architects, with experience in successful renovations of this style. Here's the quote:

"Zeidler's works include the Toronto Eaton Centre, Ontario Place, the Toronto World Trade Centre, and the McMaster site of Hamilton Health Sciences.

His historic work includes restoring the 1889 Gladstone Hotel, the oldest continuously operating hotel in Toronto.

In an interview, Zeidler said he can't speak about the interior of the Lister, but he believes the facade can be economically saved and restored.

'I can only speak from past experience with other buildings and usually it is ... far more expensive to tear the building down and rebuild than maintain the present elements,' he said." (Article by Andrew Dreschel)

LIUNA has never been interested in renovating the Lister. While the building was in poor condition when they acquired it in 1999, they have done nothing to slow its deterioration. As you can see from photographs of the building, windows have been left broken and open, and vandals continued to gain access. LIUNA claims it would be too expensive to renovate, but they have never produced detailed costing to support that claim. Meanwhile, Eberhard Zeidler says it would be cheaper to renovate than rebuild. He has even volunteered his services to assist in renovation plans. Unfortunately LIUNA shows no interest in restoration, only an interest in the tax dollars the ciy is willing to hand out to them. With LIUNA contributing to re-election campaigns (city elections happen this fall, surely a mere coincidence), LIUNA is certain to get its way, despite being such poor corporate citizens of Hamilton.

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