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By wentworthst (anonymous) | Posted January 04, 2011 at 09:54:56

@mrjanitor wrote: You love The Spec as much as I do. Have a read of this recent editorial and cry or laugh.

I did love the Spec, but also hold a Managing Editor accountable for false narrative of extreme poverty and civic chaos they broadcast to the world (and seemingly unwittingly) as Spec, HCN and now Canadian Press.

However, I still think its nice he mentioned Ryan's work in particular... I was saying to someone yesterday just how unique this site is-- there's a reason the guy's in Buffalo want one too...

I noted he only lists sites that have no business-model to threaten Metroland. But you are right... Funny when he says:

"a growing number of local websites that report, re-report, interpret or aggregate the news..."

...on the same day Howard's threatening to send his legal reps out for doing that.

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