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By Old News (anonymous) | Posted January 04, 2011 at 16:28:13

The gutting of real journalists from newsrooms happened almost 2 decades ago now.

Southam Inc. cleaned out dissenting (i.e., non-corporate approved)opinion from the newsrooms of the small local newspapers when they bought many of the locals in the early 1990s. Subsequent holders of those Southam papers (e.g., Hollinger and Torstar) only continued the trend.

But it is good to see some of you have finally figured out that liquid dripping on you isn't rain.

Q: What was the first paper in the Southam empire?
A: The Hamilton Spectator

As an aside, I have no doubt people like Bill Kelly believe they are "vet[ting] the news for credibility", but the only reason they are allowed to is they are fools who believe the lie.

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