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By Rick Mansell (anonymous) | Posted January 05, 2011 at 15:22:49

The high level of consumption of goods requiring non-renewable resources was not mentioned to the extent to which it needs to be addressed. Average consumption of resources in the richer nations (Australia included) is such that if the rest of the peoples of the earth were to consume at the same level, we would require 2 - 5 more earths. A totally unsustainable future. Even the consumption of renewable resources is having destructive efffects on our environment resulting in pollution and elimination of animal and plant species. The future of humans on this planet requires a bit more than some suburban retrofitting - it requires some major changes in living patterns and thinking. We must focus on our environment (big picture for the future) and begin to seriously reexamine our life goals that are not dictated to us by the consumer advocates.

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