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By Sad Festivalhead (anonymous) | Posted January 06, 2011 at 22:38:48

Undustrial: FoF did used to have character and be a huge regional draw, just like downtown Hamilton. It took years of pathetic decisions (some within the festival's control and others beyond it) to bring it to its knees. At the same time "competing" festivals sprouted elsewhere.
Regardless, shipping it into bland and sun-baked highway access land is no more an answer to the festival's woes than one way streets were to downtown's. They both ignore real plausible solutions that could create beauty, and prosperity, instead of smog and sprawl. The FoF in Ancaster will be like going to a big box when a perfect local option used to exist. As I said before, I will pass and go to London where the powers that be have had the power to make things work.
BTW, I agree with on Earthsong - years ahead of its time in notion and programming. Sadly killed by infighting and NIMBY's I understand.

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