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By g (anonymous) | Posted February 18, 2007 at 15:19:03

the thing is though, even if labatt buys and closes lakeport, the business model is still there and lakeport proved it works. you can make money brewing decent beer locally and with a unionized work force while still selling it at a reasonable price. if you guys care enough about this, start up your own brewery. there is lots of venture capital out there.

and as for big business ruining society: i don't buy it. the consumer who cares nothing for where, how, or by whom the products they purchase are made close plants, gut workforces and reduce job quality for us all. camco shut down because not enough of us cared enough to buy a washer or stove that was built by their neighbour. everyone wants to work and live in canada but not many want to spend ten dollars more on something so that the guy down the street can feed his kids. when consumers start demanding locally made goods corporations will start building factories here. simple economics. but as long as the consumer is more concerened about which one is cheaper or what colour it is we will continue to lose quality jobs. the unions are not the answer, the government is not the answer, the customer is. every time you buy something think about what you are supporting and where your money is going. if everyone does it so much will really change. economic democracy, people, vote with your dollars.

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