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By Serendipity (registered) | Posted January 07, 2011 at 12:38:14

Space Monkey, thanks for the infill. OK, so ordinary folks, 99.9% of city population, won't be able to use the velodrome or stadium for that matter. Gotcha.

So, Velodrome located at WH is not for any local city community use (other than the .1% of Hamiltonian cyclists who will be allowed to use velodrome) but world class velodrome is excellent for city image of bringing in professional amateur cyclists. I knew there was a catch with a world class velodrome but I still like it nonetheless.

STill thinking backwards now, if the Velodrome at WH (non sensical to think of it at Dundas Driving Park) is coupled with both an Athletic Centre and Amphitheatre, local community use will no longer be the spin we've been hearing about these past years and the truth is there will actually be one sport component, the Athletic Centre, that the local community can all use, no matter their income.

Am I even getting close to the actual local community use that the City and Hamilton Tourism has been selling these past years in regards to the Pan Am facilities and legacy?

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