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By theory (anonymous) | Posted January 08, 2011 at 11:34:48

Even though Mammoet and Anderson Haulage are moving these vats, it is still Challengers job. Challenger spent a lot of time and money preparing for these moves only to find out that they are not capable of it. They never even should have attempted it. The first time the move was delayed was when they discovered that the equipment that they wanted to use wouldn't do the job. The second time the move was delayed a Challenger rep said it was because of safety concerns around the Christas holidays. While they were saying this, the vats were sitting on the ground at the docks an not ready to move anywhere. Challenger had to turn to actual professional heavy haulers, Mammoet and Anderson, to to the job properly on their behalf. The only reason there are a couple of Challenger trucks hooked to these loads is for the pictures for the media. Unfortunately for them, they've been bragging about this move for a while and have been left with egg on their face so it seems as they are going to great lengths to keep the public thinking that it is all Challenger. If they weren't such media whores they could have just walked away from it and left it to the professionals.

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