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By mrjanitor (registered) | Posted January 10, 2011 at 11:49:41

For the West Harbour stadium fans I also proposed this plan of action for you and council on another thread today. If the Cats are to be forced to stay this is the only way to accomplish it.

Let's lay this out for real now: -IF council passes a first vote (remember there is always a conformation vote later) to put the Pan-Am at IWS -THEN the Cats have no where to play locally for 4 years -WHICH throws a horrible monkey wrench into their business plans, like the cost and loss of fans while playing in the Rogers Center for 4 years for Aldershot to be built -THIS pressure will flush all of the BS down the toilet and force Bob Young's to reveal if he will eat the cost and fan loss or if he will sit down and really negotiate the West Harbour -GIVE Bob 3 days before the IWS stadium conformation vote to conjure up a deal -IF he doesn't play we get a nice IWS replacement (after a conformation vote) and if he does play we get a nice new 25,000 seat stadium at the west Harbour. This is using the kind of pressure tactics that Bob has been using. He took the gloves off without warning, let's use the sudden rule change to our advantage.

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