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By joejoe (anonymous) | Posted January 10, 2011 at 12:48:41


Your concept of 'nodes' is a 1950's approach to development. Development focused on one purpose does not create healthy neighbourhoods or vibrant destinations. Just because WH serves predominantly recreational uses today doesn't mean we shouldn't try to expand it's use. Multi-purpose neighbourhoods provide sustainable and healthy communities. The fact that the WH location serves a (slightly) different purpose today is very much an argument FOR that location to get a stadium.

As for continuing with IWS, well, clearly IWS is not a people place today, and the existence of the stadium for 80 odd years there has done little to attract any other uses beyond the existing residential. WH on the other hand, has many more advantages when it comes to creating a viable and attractive destination, and the stadium will only add to that.


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