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By mrjanitor (registered) | Posted January 10, 2011 at 13:15:44


All I can say is that I disagree with your small stadium usage assumptions. I don't think these functions will bring people in. I believe that past performance denotes future performance. To back that up let's look at the Hamilton Bulldogs attendance numbers. This is the feeder league for the NHL and they have had a very competitive record over the years, even winning the Calder Cup. A successful AHL feeder team in hockey mad Canada can only draw about 3000-4000 people a game. The only conclusion I can draw is that other than CFL, Hamilton has no interest in spectator sports, none at all. This holds true for the old indoor track meet the Spec used to host, the low crowds at curling championships and the low crowds at figure skating events, other than Disney on Ice. Free outdoor film screenings were tried at Gage Park in the past and were stopped, I went to a few and there weren't many people.

I don't think there is a misconception about a scaleable stadium, I think most folks get that any growth would be permanent. I think an expandable facility (implying a later contraction) is far more useful for a civic stadium, allowing seating if we do happen to get an occasional major event.

I feel that WH has far more potential for energy and growth for this city through re-development than the site where IWS currently sits.

re: 2011 vs. 2014 please read my post on that and how to use it to pressure the cats to get a full sized WHS. This change came after I exposed the soft underbelly of the Cats plan in this letter to the editor

I agree that a bridge will need to be constructed, and that it could be an amazing structure.

I disagree about your assessment of Scott Park, let's make it a node of sports excellence with a new stadium and dare I even suggest a velodrome.

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