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By Boomer (registered) | Posted January 10, 2011 at 14:50:49

Hamilton needs competition in the newspaper and television business. The current monopolies are too comfortable in their incompetence. I thought the Spec just laid-off a number of staff. Seems like they shuffled off the wrong people. As for CHCH, they've lost significance in my mind, unless or course you love hearing a newcast led off by murders, deaths, accidents, and then on to fluff, with no meat. Real "journalism" is dead, it seems. I never see an overall positive view of Hamilton from its own media. Radio is a total waste, especially CHML, which is acting like FOX TV in the States: only concern is controversy, and their owners are only interested in audience share, not quality and accuracy. I guess that could be said of all media. Those with the cash control the message. How sad. RTH needs to morph into a daily newspaper, tv, and radio empire. Anyone have some extra dough?.... OK, I'll settle for newspaper.... And I should be happy that there is a RTH, at least, and I am. Sorry to get off topic and ramble.

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