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By misterque (registered) - website | Posted January 11, 2011 at 02:12:21

The problem has been CHML, specifically Bill Kelly and Scott Thompson. You can listen to their Beck-like vitriol about the "lunch bucket" council, the saintly Bob Young, the straight shooting Scott Mitchell and the "private business called TiCats." It is painful to listen to, and it is really sad to hear it regurgitated in blogs, boards, and on the street.

On the day of the "emergency confederation park" council meeting the following people all had the same TALKING POINTS: Bill Kelly (CHML radio host), Scott Thompson (CHML radio host), Scott Mitchell (TiCat president), Bob Bratina (mayor, former TiCat announcer, former CHML radio host) and Jason Farr (councilor, former TiCat employee, former radio host).

I am sure that this is just a coincidence, but Mr. Thompson and Mr. Kelly has been selling the TiCat position so intensely you have to wonder. Their misinformation is so intense that one can immediately tell someone has been tuning into 900 kilohertz by listening for the following talking points:

1) the TiCats are a private enterprise. (Once you are into our tax dollars for more than 1/10 of a billion dollars you are no longer private or enterprise)

2) Confederation park has never been studied as a stadium site.

3) Council is completely incompentent by all measure and Hamiltonians are idiots for voting them back in.

4) Large stadiums are good for an economy. (which makes 1 even funnier).

5) Palleta and Young are building a stadium (conveniently forgetting the nearly $100 million from our taxes).

6) 6000 seat stadium is a waste of money (hundred times less waste of money than the TiCat palace).

7) 6000 seat stadium is a white elephant that will not be used. (Make it coverable with an inflatable and it will be used all year)

8) 6000 seat stadium is a panic response. (Many of us are NOT panicked about the TiCats leaving).

9) Council are flipfloppers and TiCats are smart private business owners.

10) There is no vision at city hall.

This is important because the same people that are supporting the TiCat palace are also dead against the Light Rail Transit plan that the city has. They are using the same "I have heard from...", a pause then derisive laughter, and "well it is obvious to anyone that..." type comments against the LRT.

If we don't get the message out that this kind of journalist disingenuity will not be tolerated in Hamilton we will lose a truly HUGE PILE of cash because of vision-less talking heads that will destroy anything through fear, unknowing and dread. Anyone have the time to make a complaint to the CRTC?

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