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By ImproveTheHammer (registered) | Posted January 11, 2011 at 18:40:49

What are the TiCats contributing to IWS? IWS funding: Toronto 2015 $70,000,000; Hamilton Future Fund $ 45,000,000; Molsons ?; Primus ?; Tim Hortons ? and Ticats ???

I don't get why people think the Ti-cats are obligated to put any money in this.

When you rent an apartment, do you pay for the construction of the building? When Cadillac Fairview builds a mall, does The Bay contribute money?

Now agreed, as a tenant, you usually don't get a chance to direct the builder where to build. But if you're building a stadium in a location where no one wants to rent --- well, as a builder, you probably wouldn't build there.

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