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By Simon (registered) - website | Posted January 11, 2011 at 21:21:04

Told u so - dude - you answered the skill testing question to post - but I will try to simplify the mathematics!


Using the same ratio that the City, Province & Feds were all expecting from private investment, when they included WH with the Pan Am bid:

2/3 Public + 1/3 Private = 1 Stadium

or if you prefer integers:

$120,000,000 Public + $60,000,000 Private = $180,000,000 West Harbour Stadium

Using the same ratio applied to the reported IWS rehab cost:

$80,000,000 Public + $40,000,000 Private = $120,000,000 Rehabed Ivor Wynne.

Out of the $80 million in public money at 56% per cent Hostco to 44% City the final funding should work out to:

$50 million from Hostco $30 million from City of Hamilton $40 million from TigerCats and other private investment.

That is the kind of numbers the TigerCats need to put up to be taken as a FAIR partner.

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