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By rgelderrgeld (registered) - website | Posted February 21, 2007 at 17:46:30

I, too, have been bike commuting year-round and I agree with everything said by Ryan regarding how much better I feel by so doing. Its better on my health, better on my wallet, better on air quality, better on traffic congestion and better on the students I teach (....I arrive at work in a better mood, like Ryan).

Granted, there are some for whom cycle-commuting is not a viable option. However, I would suggest that cycling, or at the very least public transit, is something that a heck of a lot of other people ought to be considering. Even with the 5 foot snowbanks, Hamilton is a great city to cycle year-round.

I would suggest only that the public works department make the clearing of bike lanes a higher priority after snowstorms, a case in point being those traversing the King Street bridge over the 403, which were still buried several days after the storm - and which were covered in a sheet of ice this morning (February 21st).

Bike on, brothers!

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