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By driving me crazy (anonymous) | Posted February 22, 2007 at 10:28:29

Lloyd Ferguson says the law is unenforcable, but that's not the point. Today if I ask someone to stop idling their car, they'll tell me to go f--- myself. If it's against the law I can say 'Excuse me, but did you know that it's against the law to idle in Hamilton?' Some people will still tell me off but at least I have the law on my side and some people will say 'yeah you're right' and turn it off -- especially if I'm polite about it. Right now if I ask someone to stop idling it's just out of common decency -- which they obviously don't have because they're idling in the first place. The enforcement comes only partly from bylaw officers and mostly from the community. The law just gives us the right to make the demand.

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