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By Turn u'r head n'cough (anonymous) | Posted January 13, 2011 at 17:00:28

Check up time folks. Yes, too bad regarding this Ward 2 Councilor. Now that we've aired that one, time we started to hit a little harder on the Mayer. He is the who brought this latest fiasco to City Hall. Bratina really has no shame. That staged photo op is truly insulting. This council can still prove to us that THEY are not so gullible and self-serving. As one editorial stated via the Spec; "How can a site deemed by its main tenant as financially unworkable all of a sudden be a good business venture?" What a con job. This is not a qualified Mayor and Ward 2 Councilor. Scared? You should be. As Brad Clark says, we are just now starting to see who really IS holding the puppet strings here. We just might have been duped all along.

Was Mayor Bratina ill last night. He sure seemed rather silent.

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